Fraudsters acting as Atlas Finance

Fraudsters acting as Atlas Finance

During the festive season we see an increase of people pretending to work for Atlas Finance and we’d like you to be more alert and protect yourself from fraud and scams


We provide 1-6 month loans up to R8000

We will never ask for an upfront fee for your loan to be paid to you, or to increase the amount of your loan.

There are people posing as Atlas Finance staff. They are using our logo to make documents look like official Atlas Finance paperwork. Please be cautious about who you give your details to. If you have not applied for a loan through Atlas Finance and someone contacts you saying they are from Atlas Finance and offer you an approved loan or a loan amount more than R8000, then this is fraud.

Please contact our call centre on 0800 204 679 if you have any concerns regarding fraud.


1. Never tell anyone your NuCard PIN number.
2. Never respond to an email requesting personal information if you haven’t applied for a loan.
3. Check your bank statements regularly to identify any errors or fraudulent transactions that might have been performed on your account without your knowledge.


This happens when a criminal sends you an email or SMS claiming to be from your bank or loan provider, and trick you into sharing your private information with them. Never reply to these mails and notify your bank or loan provider immediately.

To prevent this type of fraud happening to you:

  • Never respond to emails asking for personal information. Your bank will never email you asking for personal information so be suspicious of any organisation that does.
  • Never click on a link received via email from someone you don’t know. Rather copy and paste the link into the browser.
  • Be wary of accessing Internet banking from internet cafes, hotel facilities or any other unsecured network – these are not protected according to your bank or loan institutions recommended standards.
  • Don’t share your logon details with anyone



  • Only use ATMs in well-lit, busy areas and stay alert. If the lights aren’t working, don’t use that machine. Look out for suspicious individuals or circumstances. If you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts and leave the area.
  • Have your NuCard ready in your hands. Opening your wallet or purse can be time consuming and also provides a potential thief with easier access to your valuables.
  • Never tell anyone your PIN number and be sure to shield the keypad with your hand when entering your PIN. To further reduce the risk of fraud, memorise your PIN and never write it down.
  • Be wary of strangers who offer to help you, even if you are experiencing difficulty with your transaction. Don’t allow others to distract you while you’re at the ATM.
  • Make sure the card you get back from the ATM after your transaction is yours.
  • Don’t count or expose your money after your transaction. As soon as you receive your money and bank receipt, put them away and leave the ATM area.
  • Contact your bank/loan provider immediately if you lose your card or it is stolen.


Do not pay anybody a commission or fee for your loan. Atlas Finance pays staff and agents directly. Make sure that your NuCard envelope is totally sealed, and has not been tampered with. Your NuCard must be issued to you when you get your loan, not any later. No one except you should know your NuCard pin number – not even Atlas staff. Check that you receive your full loan amount in your NuCard. Treat your NuCard like a bank card – be aware of who is around you at the ATM.