Welcome to the Atlas Finance family funeral policy. Please read below to learn more.


Accident means a sudden, uncertain and fortuitous event which happens at an identifiable time and place, independent of any other cause, with visible consequences and results in death to the Insured person’s body or mind within 31 (thirty-one) days of the Bodily Injury.
This does not include sickness or disease or any naturally occurring condition or degenerative process. Self-inflicted injury and suicide are excluded from this definition. Accidental has a corresponding meaning.

Administrator means Atlas Finance (Pty) Ltd an authorized FSP – 46412

Age limitations means that the Principal Member and Spouse must be between the ages of 18 and 65 at the time of application. Dependents on the Atlas Finance Family Funeral Policy must be between the ages of 0 and 65 (sixty-five next birthday) at the time of application.

Assistance Services: These are services provided by Silo Underwriting Managers through dedicated service suppliers, they are not insurance products.

Beneficiary: The person nominated by the policyholder to whom the policy benefits will be paid by the Insurer. Where a beneficiary nomination is not received, the benefit will become payable to the surviving Spouse or to the deceased estate. The Principal Member will be the beneficiary in respect of any other insured lives.

Bodily Injury means physical bodily injury to an insured caused by an Accident. Bodily Injury shall be deemed to include death by starvation, thirst, and/or exposure to the elements.

Child shall mean up to 4 (four) nominated unmarried, dependent children. This will include natural children, legally adopted and step children of the Principal Member/Spouse who are under 21 (twenty-one) years of age. The age limit may be extended to 25 (twenty-five) should the child be a full-time student financially dependent on the Principal Member. There is no age limit for mentally/physically challenged children whilst they are wholly dependent on the Principal Member/Spouse.

Claims shall mean, unless the context indicates otherwise, a demand for policy benefits by a Claimant in relation to a policy, irrespective of whether or not the Claimant’s demand is valid, made by submitting a completed claim form with supporting documents to the Administrator.

Claimant means the person who makes a claim in relation to this Policy and is either the Beneficiary or the Principal Member or in the absence of a Beneficiary nomination, will be the surviving spouse or the deceased estate.

Claim Event means the insured risk, namely the death of an Insured.

Cooling Off Period: Should you not be satisfied with this Policy, you are entitled to a period of up to 31 (thirty-one) days from the date of receipt of the policy documentation or within 31 (thirty-one) days from the Inception Date within which you may cancel this Policy in writing at no cost to yourself. Cover will cease upon cancellation of this Policy and any premium paid within this period will be refunded less costs of any cover enjoyed.

Dependent means a person who is financially reliant on the Principal Member and in whose life the Principal Member has an insurable interest, this includes a Spouse and a Child.

Entry Date: Shall mean the date on which the insurance cover for benefits commenced and is dependent on the insurer being in receipt of the first premium payment.

Exclusion shall mean the losses or risk events not covered under this policy. Existing Policy means a policy entered into before the date on which the relevant rule takes place and refers to a similar policy with another insurer in existence at least 90 (ninety) days before the Inception Date of this policy and which relates to the enforcement of any natural death waiting period.

Inception Date means the date that cover comes into effect, with regard to applicable waiting periods and payment of the first premium.

Insured/You: The Principal Member and all other nominated persons as specified on the application form that has been accepted by the Insurer.

Insurer/We shall mean a registered long-term insurer, namely Guardrisk Life Ltd, an authorised financial services provider, with Registration Number 1999/013922/06 and FSP Number 76.

Insurable Interest shall mean the loss suffered by you in the death of an insured on whose life you have an interest to insure and on whose death you will require the benefit under the policy to cover such loss.

General Terms and Conditions: The Principal Member may not cede the benefit and any cession shall be null and void. This policy acquires no surrender, paid up or loan values.
Each Principal Member must complete an application form either manually or telephonically and nominate his/her Beneficiary.
Benefits cease upon the death of the Principal Member or his/her written instruction to terminate the contribution and benefits or in the case of non-payment of the monthly premium.

Natural Death means death is not accidental, it is one that is primarily attributed to an illness or an internal malfunction of the body not directly influenced by any external forces.

Personal Information means personal information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

Policy means a legal document that has terms and conditions that binds the Principal Member and the Insurer. This includes the declarations made at application stage and any other supporting information and endorsements which may also form the basis of the contract between the Policyholder and the Insurer.

Pre-existing condition: Any pre-existing conditions (i.e. any medical condition, physical defect, bodily injury or disability) that the Insured suffered from or of which the Insured was aware of that affected the Insured prior to the Entry Date where the claim event was caused directly or indirectly by, arising from, contributed to by, aggravated by, connected with or resulting from such pre-existing medical condition, will not be covered in the first 6 (six) month period from the Entry Date. Only a claim event arising from a pre-existing condition occurring for the first time in the period after the expiry of the first 6 (six) months will be covered in full.

Premiums: All premiums are payable monthly in advance by the Principal Member. The period of grace allowed for payment of the premiums is one calendar month commencing on the first day of the month in which the premium is due. If the premiums are not paid by the expiry of the period of grace, the policy will lapse. Failure to pay the premium/s will result in your policy being cancelled and cover ceasing. Upon cancellation all benefits will cease and no cover will remain in force. If a Claim Event arises during the period of grace, the claim will still be considered and if valid, will be paid less the outstanding premium/s. No claim will be considered should a Claim Event occur after the policy has been cancelled.
Premiums are reviewed annually and any changes to the premium rate will be communicated in writing to You no less than 31 days prior to the increase taking effect.

Principal Member/Policyholder: Any person who has completed an application form and has been admitted to membership of this Policy and is allowed to elect participation in the Policy, in accordance with the eligibility conditions as stated in the policy schedule, and who has not yet reached the age of 65 (sixty-five) years at entry date.

Repudiate: In relation to a Claim means any action by which the Insurer rejects or refuses to pay a claim or any part of a claim, for any reason, and includes instances where a Claimant lodges a claim-
i) in respect of a loss event or risk not covered by this policy; and
ii) in respect of a loss event or risk covered by this policy, but the premium or
premiums in respect of this policy are not paid. and “Repudiation” shall
have a corresponding meaning.

Spouse: Only 1 (one) legal or common law husband/wife of the Principal Member. Cover ceases upon divorce or permanent separation. Spouse shall include persons of the same gender.

Unnatural death shall mean a death unrelated to any natural causes and specifically relates to death by unnatural means including, but not limited to, injury, such as homicide or suicide, and death caused by unintentional injury in an accidental manner.

Variations: No variation to this Policy will be binding on the Insurer unless made in writing and signed by a duly authorized officer of the Insurer and confirmed thereafter by payment of the Premium whether varied or not. No act or omission to act by the Insurer or any officer or employee of the Insurer shall be deemed to be a representation on behalf of the Insurer upon which the Insured or the Insured’s heirs, executors or assigns are entitled to act.
This Policy is issued on the basis that the statements and information made and set forth in the application and all declarations made in respect thereof are true and correct and constitute a full disclosure of all facts and circumstances likely to materially affect the assessment of the risk at the time of the issue of this Policy. The Insurer reserves the right to amend, add or change the terms and conditions of this Policy by giving 1 (one) month’s written notice of its intention to do so. Any variations and or changes will be binding on both the Insurer and the Insured and can be applied at any time to the existing terms and conditions after written communication of these changes has been sent to the Insured’s last known address as it appears in our records at that time.

Waiting Periods shall mean a period during which the Principal Member, Spouse, Dependent Children are not entitled to policy benefits.
There is a 1 (one) month waiting period in respect of death by natural causes for all the insured lives, which period commences from the Inception Date of this policy or from the date such person has been included onto this policy if such inclusion date is after the Inception Date. There is a 12 (twelve) months waiting period in respect of death by suicide.
Should the Principal Member or any other insured life having been insured on a similar policy with another insurer more than 31 (thirty-one) days before the Inception Date and such similar policy is being replaced with this policy then no waiting period for natural death will be imposed provided that the previous waiting period on the similar policy with the alternate insurer had already passed and proof of such policy is provided. If no such cover was in place by the Inception Date, the full waiting period for natural death will apply for all lives insured.
Your policy will be CANCELLED and you will have NO COVER if:
1. You do not pay your monthly premium;
2. You give 31 days (thirty-one) day notice to the Administrator to cancel;
3. We give you 31(thirty-one) day notice of our intention to cancel;
4. The Principal Member has died;
5. The Insurer may immediately cancel this Plan or place it on hold, refuse any
transaction or instructions, or take any other action considered necessary
in order to comply with the law and prevent or stop any undesirable or criminal behavior.
Any cancellation request after the cooling-off period will not attract a refund of premiums paid and such premiums will be forfeited. A cancellation request can be sent to the administrator details below and we may also be contacted on 0861 111 791


1. This policy follows the Master policy as issued by Guardrisk Life Ltd to Silo Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd. Any question of law arising under this scheme shall be decided according to the laws of the Republic of
South Africa.
2. This policy includes a 10% binder fee.
3. You cannot cede the rights of this policy to anyone else.
4. We are not obliged to accept late premiums and this will be accepted at
our sole discretion.
5. There are no Surrender Values, Loan or Paid Up Values in terms of payments
and policy benefits.
6. In the event that a claim is repudiated, we will provide you with the reason and you will have 90 (ninety) days from that date to make representation/ objection to the insurer. If we have not changed our decision you have 180 (one hundred and eighty) days to issue summons, otherwise you forfeit this claim and we shall have no further liability in terms of this claim.

Signing of incomplete documents: For your own protection please be aware that you must not sign any incomplete written or printed application forms.

Responsibility for Correctness and Completeness of Information: Please note that in respect of any application, proposal, order, instruction or other contractual information that is required to be completed for, or submitted to a product supplier by or on your behalf that relates to the purchase of or investment in any financial product, including any amendment thereof or variation thereto, all material facts must be accurately and properly disclosed, and the accuracy and completeness of all answers, statements or other information provided by you or on your behalf are your own responsibility.

Fraud: If any claim under this Policy is in any way misrepresented or any fraudulent means are used to obtain any benefit or if any events insured against are occasioned by an intentional act, or connivance, all benefits under this Policy and all premiums paid will be forfeited and the Policy will be voided. Appropriate action will be taken against any perpetrator.

Processing and Protection of Personal Information: The Insured acknowledges and consents to the Administrator and Guardrisk processing his/her Personal Information:
a. to enter into this Policy and for purposes of administering this Policy and complying with his/her instructions; and
b. for the purposes of the prevention and detection of fraud and criminal activities, the identification of the proceeds of unlawful activities and the combating of money laundering activities.
The Insured has the right to access his/her Personal Information held by the Intermediary or Guardrisk, during office hours and within a reasonable time after receiving such a written request for access.
The Intermediary and Guardrisk will only keep the Insured’s Personal Information for as long as necessary or required by law.
The Intermediary or Guardrisk may transfer its rights or obligations under this Policy to a third party without the Insured’s consent and without notice. In such event, the third party will then process the Insured’s Personal Information.
The Insured may update his/her Personal Information at any time by calling the Administrator.


1. whilst participating in a riot or strike or in any terrorist activity;
2. whilst participating in any criminal activity;
3. whilst attempting or through a self-inflicted injury committing suicide
within the first 12 (twelve) months from the policy Entry Date;
4. whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, regardless whether
such act directly or indirectly resulted in death;
5. whilst participating in any hazardous sports;
6. whilst not following all of the requirements of this policy;
7. if you or your family try to commit fraud in relation to this policy;
8. within the 31(thirty-one) month Waiting Period for Natural causes from the entry date.

Waiver of Rights: You are hereby advised that no representative of the provider or any other person may ask you or offer any inducement to you to waive any right or benefit conferred on you by or in terms of any provision of the General Codes of Conduct. A copy of the Code of Conduct is available on request.
If any person completes or submits any application, proposal, order, instruction or other contractual information that is required to be completed for, or submitted to, a product supplier by you or on your behalf that relates to the purchase of or investment in any financial product, including any amendment thereof or variation thereto on your behalf, you should be satisfied as to the accuracy and completeness of the details.
Any misrepresentation or non-disclosure of a material fact or the inclusion of incorrect information could result in the cancellation of the transaction or the non-payment of a benefit by the product supplier.

Claims Procedure: In the event of a claim you or your family member needs to report it immediately to any Atlas branch or by phoning 0861 111 791, or by email to info@atcorp.co.za. You must provide a fully completed claim form that can be obtained from any Atlas branch or contact us and we will email it to you. Please provide the relevant supporting documents as detailed below.
All of the claim documentation must be submitted to the branch within 180 days of the date of event. Failure to do so could result in the benefit being forfeited.

Claim Documentation Required:

1. Claim Form
A fully completed Claim Form signed by the policyholder/beneficiary.
2. Proof of Death (Death Certificate) Certified copy of computerized Death Certificate
3. A certified copy of the DHA1663 – Registration of Death Form
4. Should the cause of death be due to unnatural causes we require:
• An Accident Report to be completed by the investigating officer at the Police Station where the incident was reported.
• An Investigation Report if the cause of death is under investigation to be completed by the investigating officer at the Police Station where the incident was reported.
The claims documentation must be clearly certified. The details of the Commissioner of Oath with all of the relevant details must be clear.
Please note that once your claim has been settled, such payment will be a discharge of the insurers obligation and we will have no further liability in terms of that claim.


• You need to contact us should your family circumstances change, so that we can update your policy details, as we do not review your policy details every year.
• If we fail to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, you may submit your complaint to the Ombudsman for Long -Term Insurance.
• You will always be given a reason for the repudiation of your claim.
• The maximum commission earned is 10% on the funeral business.


• Waiting periods – 1 month for all natural death claims. Cover is immediate for Unnatural/Accidental death.
• Suicide cover is excluded for the first 12 months from the Entry date.
• Failure to pay the premium will result in your policy being cancelled. In such instances, all benefits will cease and no further cover will be provided.

Disclosure Notice: Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) General Code of Conduct 2003

Your Intermediary
Business Name: Atlas Finance (Pty) Ltd
Registration number: 2007/028142/07
Physical Address: 123 Oxford Rd, cnr Cotswold Dr, Saxonwold
Postal Address: PO Box 980, Parklands, 2121
Telephone: 087 701 3351
Website: www.atlasfinance.co.za
FAIS Registration (FSP No): 46412
In terms of the FSP license, Atlas Finance is authorised to give intermediary services and advice for products under:
CATEGORY I – Long-term Insurance: Category A-1 and B1
Without in any way limiting and subject to the other provisions of the Services Agreement/Mandate, Atlas Finance accepts responsibility for the lawful actions of their representatives (as defined in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act) in rendering financial services within the course and scope of their employment. Some representatives may be rendering services under supervision and will inform you accordingly
Atlas has been appointed as a Binder holder and Intermediary, through agreements with the Insurer.
Atlas has the necessary Professional Indemnity and Conflict of interest policy in place.
Complaints Contact Details: 011 782 0105 or admin@siloum.co.za
Compliance Officer: JD Wessels, PO Box 731327, Fairland, 2036

Your Underwriting Manager
Name: Silo Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd
Physical Address: 11 Crescent Drive, Melrose Arch
Postal Address: P O Box 3448, Cresta, 2118
Telephone: 011 782 0105
Email: admin@siloum.co.za
Fax Number: 086 710 8875
Website: www.siloum.co.za
FAIS Registration (FSP No): 46471
FAIS Categories: Category I – Long Term insurance subcategory A, B1, B1-A, Short term Personal lines A1 and Commercial lines, Category IV, Assistance Business.
Silo has Professional Indemnity Cover and Fidelity Guarantee Cover in place. Silo has a Binder agreement and contractual relationship through a shareholders agreement with Guardrisk Life.
Compliance Officer: JD Wessels
Complaints Contact : 011 782 0105
Silo has the necessary conflict of interest management policy in place which is available to view on www.siloum.co.za.

Your Insurer
Business Name: Guardrisk Life Limited
Registration number: 1999/013922/06
Physical address: 3rd Floor, 102 Rivonia Road, Sandown, Sandton 2196
Postal address: PO Box 786015, Sandton, 2146
Switchboard telephone: +27-11-669-1000
General email enquiries: info@guardrisk.co.za
Website: www.guardrisk.co.za
FAIS registration: FSP 76
In terms of the FSP license, Guardrisk Life Limited is authorised to give advice and render financial services for products under: CATEGORY I: Long-term Insurance : Category A, B1, B1-A, B2, B2-A and Category C
Guardrisk has Professional Indemnity Cover and Fidelity Guarantee Cover in place.

Your Intermediary noted above should always be your first point of contact in the event that you have a query or complaint. Guardrisk is a cell captive insurance company, we partner with other financial service providers to provide our customers with different insurance and risk solutions to suit their specific needs.

If you are dissatisfied with the feedback received from your Intermediary/administrator, or your complaint remains unresolved, feel free to contact the Guardrisk Complaints Department:
Telephone : 0860 333 361
Email : complaints@guardrisk.co.za

Guardrisk Compliance Details
Telephone : +27-11-669-1104
Fax Number : +27-11-675-3826
Email: compliance@guardrisk.co.za
Guardrisk Life Limited has a conflict of interest management policy in place. Which is available to view on the website: www.guardrisk.co.za

Particulars of the Long Term Ombudsman (For claims/service related matters)
Postal address: Private Bag X45, Claremont, Cape Town, 7700
Telephone: +27-21- 657-5000
Fax number: +27-21- 674 0951
Sharecall: +27-860 103 236
Email: info@ombud.co.za

Particulars of the Registrar of Long Term Insurance (For market conduct matters)
Postal address: PO Box 35655, Menlo Park, 0102 Telephone: +27-12- 428-8000
Fax number: +27- 12- 347- 0221
Email: info@fsca.co.za

Particulars of FAIS Ombudsman (For advice/policy related matters)
Postal Address: PO Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040 Telephone: +27- 12- 470- 9080
Fax number: +27- 12- 348- 3447
Email: info@faisombud.co.za

Protection of Personal Information: We confirm that during our interaction and appointment we are going to obtain your personal information. By providing the information to us you confirm, agree and consent to the use of your personal information by us as well as any of our appointed representatives, employees, contracted product suppliers and / or their authorised administrators.
We herewith undertake only to utilise such personal and private information for the purpose that it was intended and obtained for, which relates to providing you possible financial services.
Once all transaction(s) has been concluded in respect of the purchase of a financial product(s), the information will be retained and used for the maintenance of such product(s) / our records. Insofar as the termination of this is concerned, we are required by law to keep all information and records for a period of at least 5 years (after termination of relationship).
Personal and private information will not be divulged to any third party concerned without your consent or in the event of a legal obligation. We confirm that the necessary systems and procedures are in place to secure personal information in accordance with legal requirements.
This consent will remain effective until cancelled in writing.

Treating Customers Fairly: This product has been created to meet the requirements of our clients. We will at all times deliver on customer service and customer expectations by enforcing the principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF). The TCF principles ensure we apply fairness to all client experiences relating to new business, policy terms, service and claims processes. The TCF framework has 6 outcomes which are:
You are confident that Your fair treatment is key to our culture;
Products and services are designed to meet Your needs;
We will communicate clearly, appropriately and on time during the lifespan of Your policy;
We provide advice which is suitable to Your needs and circumstances:
Our products and services meet your standards and deliver what You expect; There are no unreasonable barriers to access our services, or to lodge a claim or to lodge any complaints.


Family Benefits Include:
Funeral cover: The benefits included in your Funeral Benefit can be found in your loan contract.
Accidental death cover (Principal member only) In the event of accidental death, we’ll double the pay-out of the insured amount.
Deceased estate management: Our knowledgeable legal team at Executor Manager will provide guidance and support on the process of winding up an estate following a death in the family.

Features of Executor Manager
• Application to the Master of High Court for appointment of Executorship
• Obtaining the will and checking its validity & establishing beneficiaries
• Understanding of the assets and liabilities of the estate
• Obtain bank account records, title deeds, insurance policy documents
• Pulling of credit reports and notifying all creditors
• Activation of Credit life policies
• Closing of the deceased bank accounts and opening of “Estate Late” account
• Obtaining the release from SARS
• Distribution of the funds.

ER24 Emergency Medical Transportation: In the event of a motor vehicle accident resulting in an injury to the Member, ER24 will provide Emergency Medical Transportation by road and/or by air ambulance, under appropriate medical supervision, to the nearest recommended medical facility capable of providing adequate care for the nature of the trauma sustained. In the event that ER24 is not available at the time (due to any reason), they will attempt to obtain another reputable ambulance service to assist with the transportation, failing which they will advise the client of the course of action required.
Claims process – Please contact the call centre during all hours.

Medical Casualty Benefit: In the event of a Motor vehicle accident (i.e. accident occurring when travelling in a motor car, commuter taxi, bus or as a pedestrian on any South African roads) resulting in an injury, medical expenses in a Doctor’s surgery and/or hospital casualty unit will be covered, up to a R10 000 limit per incident. This is not a medical aid or cash payment to the member, but a guarantee to the supplier/service provider.
Subject to:
• The full submission of relevant requested documentation, and
• A service provider not being paid twice (from alternate sources) for the
same event, and
• In the event that the relevant medical expenses are covered through the
member’s medical aid, this benefit will only pay any shortfall so that a
recovery through the Road Accident Fund can be instituted.

Contact the Call Centre During All Hours. All claims need to be lodged through the call centre to be considered for payment. In the event that an alternative transport arrangement to the hospital is made, a claim needs to be lodged through the call centre within 48 hours of the event. The call centre may
reasonably request proof of the motor vehicle accident in such an event.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains Benefit: Should the passing of a loved one occur away from home, ER24 will make all the necessary arrangements for the repatriation of the body where it is more than 100km from their place of residence, within South Africa and neighboring countries e.g. Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique etc. Thus all the arrangements to transport the mortal remains are handled on behalf of the family, taking into consideration family requests and in particular special care with regard to particular customs and beliefs. Members are requested to ensure that they have a valid passport.

C5 HIV Prevention: In the event of accidental exposure to HIV fluid through Trauma or assault, benefits equal to
• 24-hour Telephonic HIV advice and counseling line
• Emergency evacuation to HIV treatment facility (ER24 only)
• Medical consultation
• 3-day starter pack
• 25-day antiretroviral HIV treatment including, sexually transmitted disease therapy
• Blood tests
• R3000 face to face counseling.
This benefit is available at all times

HIV Disease Management and Treatment Benefit
In the event that the member is already HIV POSTIVE or becomes positive during the course of this membership, he or she will receive the following:
• Ongoing antiretroviral therapy at the nearest appropriate medical facility • Clinical management and follow-up, including advice on correct drug regimens based on your specific pathology results
• Guidance on dietary requirements
• Guidance on drug compliance & patient follow up
• Three doctor’s consultations per annum
• Three blood tests per annum
• 24 hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year access to the confidential call centre, providing telephonic counseling and advice on HIV/AIDS.
This benefit is available at all times

Legal Advice and Assistance Benefit: The 24-hour legal assistance helpline is staffed by legal professionals, they will assist, inform and educate its members of their legal rights. The service provides assistance to members who have already experienced legal action taken against them. This benefit does not cover any legal matters or disputes but merely provides an advice service. Our members will be advised on the following:
• legal advice regarding any possible solutions, such as opposing civil action in court if the client has a defense against the case, possible applications for rescission of a judgment
• legal advice regarding options available for members with financial problems, such as sequestration and administration
• legal assistance in completing prescribed forms for use in court, for example notice of intention to defend a pending matter.
This benefit is available during business hours

Call a Doctor, Call a Nurse: The 24-hour Doctor helpline is staffed by medical professionals. The critical service provides advice and assistance to all members on:
• Medical Advice
• Second opinion
• Confirmation and clarity of medical diagnosis
• Guidance on drug regime
• Guidance to a specialist Doctor
• Guidance and advice on the side effects of prescribed treatment • Telephonic follow-ups after diagnosis and treatment.
This benefit is available at all times

Claims Expert Claims Management Assistance Benefit: Claims Expert assist its members with all administration required (including telephonic assistance, initial assessment, legal reports and case management) for the presentation of a “bona fide” claim as determined and arranged by Claims Expert from the following organization and institutions in South Africa:
• Road Accident Fund (RAF)
• Workman Compensation (COID)
• Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
• Administrators for unclaimed Pension, Shares, Insurance Policies and Bank accounts • Airlines and Airport Authorities
• Product Manufacturers
• Municipalities and Provinces.
This benefit is available during business hours

Legal SOS: We often read in the media about unlawful arrests and sometimes victimization by members of the South African Police Service, Metro Police and other law enforcement agencies.
People arrested are often locked up and left to go to court before bail is even considered, while they are eligible to be released on bail at the police station by officers and/or standby prosecutors there and then. This benefit provides:
• Immediate access to a lawyer,
• Bail payment for the principal member up to R1,500.
This benefit is available at all times.