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    Have a question about Atlas Finance or our loans and more financial services? Explore the answers to these frequently asked questions below.


    Please visit your nearest branch or contact our Customer Care Centre on 0800 204 679 or apply online at

    Please remember to bring your:

    • Original ID document OR Passport & Work Permit (for Foreigners)
    • 3 months’ bank statements
    • Latest payslip

    To assess your affordability and credit score, you will need to bring the following 3 documents to your nearest Atlas Finance branch:

    • Original ID document OR Passport & Work Permit (for Foreigners)
    • 3 months’ bank statements
    • Latest payslip
    1. Visit your nearest Atlas Finance branch with your:
      • Original ID document OR Passport & Work Permit (for Foreigners)
      • 3 months’ bank statements
      • Latest payslip
    1. The friendly consultants will evaluate your credit score and affordability
    2. Your employment will be confirmed
    3. Your loan application will be either approved or declined
    4. If approved, your loan amount will be deposited onto a NuCard
    5. Ensure that your monthly/weekly payments are made on time to protect your credit score

    All Atlas Finance branches operate during the following working days:

    • Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
    • Saturday & Public Holidays: 8:00 am to 13:00 pm
    • Sunday: Closed

    Please use the branch locator to find your nearest branch.

    If you have a temporary ID, you may bring your driver’s license to an Atlas Finance branch to apply for a loan.

    You can apply for a loan without an ID document, however, you will need:

    • Your driver’s license AND
    • A valid temporary ID

    Yes, Atlas Finance does have a WhatsApp number. Our Whatsapp Atlas Finance Contact Details are – 0600702440.
    Or you can contact a helpful customer care team member on 0800 204 679. Alternatively, you can email us at or complete the form above, and we will contact you as soon as possible

    Yes, we do credit checks. We would like to ensure that we are lending to you responsibly to protect your financial health.

    At Atlas Finance, we understand that sometimes unexpected expenses come up when funds are low. That’s why we work with clients with a wide range of credit scores to provide short-term financing solutions.

    Credit scores are one of many factors used to determine if a loan application is successful or not, such as loan amount, payback period, etc. A responsible lender looks at all of these factors to ensure you maintain financial health. 

    When it comes to applying for a loan – it is not about the minimum credit score, it is about your affordability. We assess both your credit score and affordability and then determine whether you qualify for a loan or not. 

    If you are uncertain of anything, we recommend you visit your nearest branch so that we can assess your affordability and credit score (among other financial health factors) to see if we can assist you.

    To protect our clients, Atlas Finance does NOT pay out loans in cash. Instead, we pay out our loan amounts to a Masturcard NuCard. Clients can then use their Mastercard NuCard to withdraw cash from any ATM and respected retailer.

    As everyone’s finances are unique, we recommend that you visit your nearest branch so that we can assess your affordability and credit score. Responsible lending for your financial well-being is our top priority.

    Unfortunately, we cannot issue loans to people under debt review. However, we can help you to take a step towards better financial well-being. Call one of our skilled clearance specialists on 082 879 8474 or email today.

    Yes, we do offer commission. You can earn 7.5% of the total new client’s loan value when referring a NEW client who successfully takes a loan. This is only applicable to existing clients who refer new clients to Atlas Finance.

    For example, if you refer a friend or family member to Atlas Finance and they successfully take a loan out for R5000, you can get paid R375 directly to you. Everybody wins!

    Unfortunately, we cannot issue loans using a SASSA grant. We require a payslip and 3 months’ bank statements to process a loan application.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer vehicle loans or business loans.
    We offer personal loans up to R8000 and more financial solutions, which can be seen here.

    Yes, we offer Domestic Worker Loans up to R4000 with up to 4 months to pay. You will need the following to apply:

    • A bank account (active for 3 months or more)
    • 3 months’ bank statements
    • A copy of your South African ID, Passport or Work Permit

    We will NEVER ask for an upfront fee. That is illegal. There are many scammers out there, with some pretending to be Atlas Finance and other registered financial service providers.
    Please visit one of our branches for a secure and legitimate loan.
    For more information, please call our customer care line on 0800 204 679 or submit the contact form above, and we’ll call you back.

    We can happily assist you! We will need a copy of your original ID document, 3 months’ bank statements, and your latest payslip.
    Please send these 3 documents to, and we will submit your application for you.

    To check your Atlas Finance balance, please email or visit your nearest branch.

    The owner of Atlas Finance is Jack Halfron. He founded and became the CEO of Atlas Finance in 1994 – helping people with a secure and professional way to get short-term loans for almost 30 years.