family benefits

With the Atlas Family Benefits, you don’t have to wait.
Enjoy all the benefits from the moment you join our family.

Important things to consider:

The Atlas Family Benefits are optional and not conditional to the loan.
Value added benefits continue for six months after last premium instalment, at no charge.

Important Contact Details:

For assistance or to claim any Atlas Family Benefit, please call
0861 111 791

To claim on Credit Life Benefit, please contact your branch or call
0800 204 679

For more information call the Call Centre on
0800 204 679

Credit Life Benefit

Your loan will be paid up in the event of your:

  • Death
  • Disability
  • Retrenchment

Accidental Death Cover (Principal Member Only)

In the event of accidental death, we’ll double the pay-out of the insured amount.

Funeral Cover

The benefits included in your Funeral Cover can be found in your loan contract.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Should the passing of a loved one occur away from home, ER24 will make all the necessary arrangements for the repatriation of the body where it is more than 100km from their place of residence, within South Africa and neighbouring countries e.g. Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique etc. Thus, all the arrangements to transport the mortal remains are handled on behalf of the family, taking into consideration family requests and in particular special care with regard to particular customs and beliefs.

ER24 Emergency Medical Transport

In the event of a motor vehicle accident resulting in an injury to the Member, Spouse and covered child dependents, ER24 will provide Emergency Medical Transportation by road and/or by air ambulance, under appropriate medical supervision, to the nearest recommended medical facility capable of providing adequate care for the nature of the trauma sustained. In the event that ER24 is not available at the time (due to any reason), they will attempt to obtain another reputable ambulance service to assist with the transportation, failing which they will advise the client of the course of action required.

Medical Casualty Benefits

In the event of a Motor vehicle accident (i.e. accident occurring when travelling in a motor car, commuter taxi, bus or as a pedestrian on any South African roads) resulting in an injury, all medical expenses in a Doctor’s surgery and/or hospital casualty unit will be covered, up to a R10 000 limit per incident. This is not a medical aid or cash payment to the member, but a guarantee of payment to the supplier/service provider. Subject to:

  • The full submission of relevant requested documentation,
  • A service provider not being paid twice (from alternate sources) for the same event,
  • In the event that the relevant medical expenses are covered through the member’s medical aid, this benefit will only pay any shortfall so that a recovery through the Road Accident Fund can be instituted.

Call a Doctor, Call a Nurse

The 24-hour Doctor helpline is staffed by medical professionals. This critical service provides advice and assistance to all members on:

  • Medical advice
  • Second opinion
  • Confirmation and clarity of medical diagnosis
  • Guidance on drug regime
  • Guidance to a specialist Doctor
  • Guidance and advice on the side effects of prescribed treatment
  • Telephonic follow up after diagnosis and treatment.

HIV Prevention

In the event of accident exposure to HIV fluid through Trauma or assault, benefits equal to

  • 24-hour Telephonic HIV advice and counselling line
  • Emergency evacuation to HIV treatment facility (ER24 only)
  • Medical consultation
  • 3-day starter pack
  • 25-day antiretroviral HIV treatment including, sexually transmitted disease therapy
  • Blood tests
  • R3000 face to face counselling.

HIV Disease Management

In the event that the member is HIV POSITIVE, he or she will receive the following while having a loan agreement in place with the lender.

  • Ongoing antiretroviral therapy at the nearest appropriate medical facility
  • Clinical management and follow-up, including advice on correct drug regimens based on your specific pathology results
  • Guidance on dietary requirements
  • Guidance on drug compliance & patient follow up
  • Three doctor’s consultations
  • Three blood tests per annum
  • 24 hour-a-day, 365 days-a-year access to the confidential call centre, providing telephonic counselling and advice on HIV/AIDS.

Legal SOS (Principal Member Only)

We often read in the media about unlawful arrests and sometimes victimization by members of the South African Police Service, Metro Police and other law enforcement agencies.

People arrested are often locked up and left to go to court before bail is even considered, while they are eligible to be released on bail at the police station by officers and/or standby prosecutors there and then. This benefit provides:

  • Immediate access to a lawyer,
  • Bail payment for the principal member up to R1,500.

Legal Advice & Assistance

The 24-hour legal assistance helpline is staffed by legal professionals, they will assist, inform and educate its members of their legal rights. The service provides assistance to members who have already experienced legal action taken against them. Our members will be advised on the following:

  • legal advice regarding any possible solutions, such as opposing civil action in court if the client has a defence against the case, possible applications for rescission of judgment
  • legal advice regarding options available for members with financial problems, such as sequestration and administration
  • legal assistance in completing prescribed forms for use in court, for example notice of intention to defend a pending matter.

Deceased Estate Management

Our knowledgeable legal team at Executor Manager will provide guidance and support on the process of winding up an estate following a death in the family.
Features of Executor Manager

  • Application to the Master of High Court for appointment of Executorship
  • Obtaining the will and checking its validity & establishing beneficiaries
  • Understanding of the assets and liabilities of the estate
  • Obtain bank account records, title deeds, insurance policy documents
  • Pulling of credit reports and notifying all creditors
  • Activation of Credit life policies
  • Closing of the deceased bank accounts and opening of “Estate Late” account
  • Obtaining the release from SARS
  • Distribution of the funds.

Claims Expert Management

Claims Expert assist its members with all administration required (including telephonic assistance, initial assessment, legal reports and case management) for the presentation of a “bona fide” claim as determined and arranged by Claims Expert from the following organization and institutions in South Africa:

  • Road Accident Fund (RAF)
  • Workman Compensation (COID)
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
  • Administrators for unclaimed Pension, Shares, Insurance Policies and Bank accounts
  • Airlines and Airport Authorities
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Municipalities and Provinces.

Discount Coupons

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  • Your coupon code is valid for 24 hours from when you request it. If your coupon code has expired, just re-dial *120*5011# and request a new code.
  • When you get to the till at your local retailer, tell the teller that you have a coupon code.
  • The discounts will automatically come off your total spend at the retailer.