Atlas Finance Cross Border Money Transfers | Cross Border Transfers & Cross Border Payments Solutions. Send Money Across Africa.
Atlas Finance Cross Border Transfers | Cross Border Payments Solutions | Send Money Across Africa Now With Atlas Finance

Cross Border Money Transfer

At Atlas Finance, you can put cash in your pocket whilst also helping you send cash to your family cross border with our cross border money transfer service.

We transfer to most countries in Africa and the rest of the world, with transfer fees starting from as little as R25. Foreign currency guaranteed.
Atlas Finance‘s cross border money transfer services are your one-stop shop to take a loan and send money home.

Cross Border Money Transfers are made simple with Atlas Finance:

Step 1: Complete the
Submission Form

Getting the cross border transfer process started is as simple as entering your details and a friendly agent will contact you to complete the registration.

Step 2: Get Your Valid Identity Document Ready

(Foreign Passport or SA ID)

Please ensure that when you are asked to supply a visual of your passport that all four corners of the passport are visible and all information is clear.

Step 3: Take a Selfie

(Holding Your Identity Document)

When you are asked for a selfie, look directly at the camera, please don’t wear a hat, mask, etc

Step 4: Collect Cash

1. Cash – The cross border transfer beneficiary will receive an SMS with their collection reference number. The beneficiary can then go to designated collection points with their ID to collect their money.

2. Transfer – Money is transferred into the beneficiary’s bank account.

3. Mobile Wallet – Sent to beneficiary via electronic method.

Enter your details below and a friendly agent will contact you to complete the registration – it’s as easy as that.
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